8 Sleepwalking Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

Sleepwalking is an uncommon but well-documented phenomenon that many people find comical. However, some sleepwalking stories are so strange that they might make you afraid of ever sleeping again. Here, we present eight sleepwalking stories that will give you nightmare. Check them out for yourself below.

Number Eight: The Divorce. In 2006, one Muslim man was sleeping next to his wife when he said the words “talaq” three times. “Talaq” translates to “divorce,” and saying it three times may be official grounds for separation. Because of this, the couple was forced to separate.

Number Seven: Climbing a Crane. One sleepwalking young girl decided to go on a little adventure. However, her adventure led her to danger when she climbed a 130-foot crane in her sleep. She was saved by a fireman, who used her phone to call her parents to wake her up.

Number Six: Stranger Sex. A middle-aged woman in Australia either duped her husband or had one of the most bizarre habits while asleep – she would leave the house and have sex with random strangers. Her husband realized what was happening when he would wake up to find condoms everywhere. Once he even woke up to his wife in the act.

Number Five: Assault. In 2003, a nurse decided to help herself sleep better by taking an Ambien. However, things took a turn for the worse when she got up (while asleep), drank half of a bottle of wine, and decided to get in her car. She unsurprisingly wrecked her car and was arrested, although she was only charged for reckless driving.

Number Four: Overeating. A woman gained 60 pounds and was wholeheartedly confused. She was on a diet! However, when her doctor subjected her to a sleep study, he found the culprit: food. Ryan was sleep eating so often that she gained weight without ever realizing it.

Number Three: Jump! In 2007, a teenager fell asleep and promptly jumped out of a window that was on the fourth floor. He broke both an arm and a leg. There are several documented instances of people jumping out of windows while sleepwalking, so this was not the first.

Number Two: Rock Star. One man had rock star aspirations, but little did he know they would manifest in his sleep. However, they didn’t manifest quite the way he expected – rather than singing in his sleep, he began to narrate his dreams out loud and monotonously. His roommate recorded him and even released an album.

Number One: Criminal. Some people are so desperate to absolve themselves of criminal charges that they claim they were asleep, but some people actually do commit crimes while asleep. One man in the 19th century was staying at a hotel, and he slept walk with a gun and shot a hotel employee who died as a result.