8 Movies All Sports Fans Should Own

From supercharged dodgeball games to alien basketball players from outer space, sports movies can be just as entertaining as they are thought-provoking, and often they are more emotionally charged than any rom-com your girlfriend wants to watch. However, not all sports movies are created equal, and it takes a lot of work to make the perfect one. Here are our top eight sports movies all sports fans should own.

Number Eight: Remember The Titans. Remember The Titans told the story of Coach Boone and his inspirational journey to lead a culturally diverse football team in an era when blacks and whites were new to integrating. Due to its thought-provoking storyline and emotionally moving moments that even your next date will enjoy, we think this deserves a spot in your collection.

Number Seven: Water Boy. Hilarious and entertaining from beginning to end, Waterboy tells us the story of the infamous stuttering Bobby Boucher, played by Adam Sandler. For kicks and lol-worthy moments, make sure you add this movie to your collection.

Number Six: Space Jam. Michael Jordan teaming up with the Looney Tunes to take on the Monstars is a moment in sports movie history we will never forget. No matter how old you are, Space Jam will always be cool.

Number Five: Mighty Ducks. Probably the most notable sports comedy of our childhoods, Mighty Ducks evokes nostalgia in us all that takes us back to a much simpler time when we were kids.

Number Four: Hoop Dreams. The lives of two inner city high school hoopers from Chicago as they try to make it to the NBA are put on full display in this documentary. Hoop Dreams brought more awareness to issues concerning race, education, social class, and values in the United States.

Number Three: The Sandlot. The famous quote “You’re killing me Smalls” is recognizable still to this day.

Number Two: Ali. Ali is the inspirational and true story of Muhammed Ali played by the multitalented Will Smith. Besides Rocky, Ali is one the greatest boxing films ever created.

Number One: Rocky. A good boxing film is a quintessential part of a good movie collection. Rocky should be the go-to flick for boxing-related entertainment, not to mention its utility if you need pointers on how to throw a good punch.