8 Luckiest People Who Ever Lived

There’s no denying that some people are luckier than others, but the stories of these eight luckiest people of all time defy all the odds and may have you questioning your faith in a higher power. Check out these crazy stories for yourself below!

Number Eight: Bill Morgan. Bill Morgan was crushed in a truck accident and was clinically dead for more than 14 minutes. However, he later awoke from a 12-day coma even after his own family unplugged his life support. He then went on to win the lottery twice – once right after he got out of the hospital, and once on the news when he was recreating his big moment.

Number Seven: Andrew Jackson. The first recorded assassination attempt was on Andrew Jackson by a gunman wielding two pistols. When the gunman fired the first pistol, it misfired, and the second pistol also misfired. The pistols were later tested and worked fine, meaning Jackson was incredibly lucky.

Number Six: Unknown Taiwanese Motorist. An unknown Taiwanese motorist was driving on the street when a landslide caused a large boulder to nearly crush his car on the road. However, he narrowly missed the boulder and survived with no injuries. The entire thing was caught on video.

Number Five: Robert Hamilton. Robert Hamilton was an Indiana man who won the Hoosier lottery not once, but twice. To put it in perspective, there is a one in 2,000,000 chance of winning the Hoosier lottery just once.

Number Four: Eduardo Liete. Brazilian construction worker Eduardo Liete was the victim of a falling iron bar. The bar pierced his hard hat and went through his entire skull; however, Liete felt no pain, suffered minimal brain damage and is expected to make a full recovery.

Number Three: Fidel Castro. The infamous Fidel Castro has survived a shocking 630 assassination attempts, including poisoned cigars, exploding cigars, and LSD-laced entertainment systems. He is now 89 years old.

Number Two: Nichiren. Nichiren was a 12th-century monk who was sentenced to execution for the “subversive” things he wrote. However, on the day of his beheading, his executioner was struck and killed by lightning. Thinking it was a prophetic occurrence, Nichiren was released by the authorities.

Number One: Frane Selak. Finally, Frane Selak is a Croation music teacher who has escaped death an impressive seven times. He has survived a train crash, a bus crash, a bus falling off of a bridge, and two burning cars. To put the icing on the cake, he one the Croation national lottery in 2002 and used the money to buy a small chapel to thank God for his luck.