75 Year-Old Woman Wields Bat At Peaceful Protesters

In  East Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Wednesday, a 75-year-old white woman decided that she would block peaceful protesters while wielding a baseball bat.  Protests erupted after the police killing of black man, George Floyd, by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Protests turned into rioting and looting resulting in property damage and fires in several cities.

Bat-wielding grandma confronts protestors in EGR

The bat-wielding woman, Karla Anderson, claimed while speaking to WOODTV that she was protecting her neighborhood. She said, “I just simply stated, you know, ‘You’re not going to burn down East.’” The incident was caught on video and shows protesters marching down the street. The marchers can be heard chanting, “Leave her alone.” Everyone for the most part left her alone except one man riding a bike who tried to take the bat from her. Protesters jump in to deescalate the situation.

It seems that violence was avoided in this situation but it goes to show how high tensions have gotten during these protests. Not all Americans are on board with the unrest and see the protesters as a potential threat. President Trump’s rhetoric about elements such as ANTIFA also has a lot of his supporters on edge. Although, the FBI has confirmed that ANTIFA is not involved in the violence many people still fear that their homes will be threatened by violence.

There have been instances of assault and even murder at some protests due to fear of leftist groups. It is just good to see that this situation ended with no one being hurt.

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