7 Reasons Why It’s OK To Show You Care

When it comes to showing someone that we care about them, we tend to hide it. But why is it so common for us as people to do this? If we miss someone, instead of telling them we normally suppress these feelings and see if they miss us back and if they don’t we move on. If we love someone we tend to struggle with accepting this and letting the person know. We play these crazy mind games trying to make people jealous instead of being straightforward with them and telling them how we feel. It’s OK to show people that you care, and here’s why.

Number Seven: We All Want to Know Someone Cares About Us.

Everyone wants to be loved, missed and cared about. We want people to want us in their lives and we want to know that if we were to disappear off the earth that someone would notice. Its natural and its OK. Everyone craves this sort of attention, but if we are all hiding the fact that we care about someone then how are we supposed to let people know we think of them in this way?

Number Six: It Can Change the Way Everything Turns Out.

Hiding your feelings may make someone a bit jealous when they see how much better off you’re doing but then again letting them know how you really feel can change everything. Your boyfriend who just broke up with you over a pointless fight may want you back just as badly, but he is trying to act like he’s OK just like you are. But if one of you was to just let the other know you miss them, then you could easily be back together. Your best friend who is no longer your best friend may miss having you in their life just as much and all you need to rekindle that friendship is a little reminder of how much they mean to you. In life, you have to take these chances because you never know how it will turn out.

Number Five: Mind Games Won’t Get You Anywhere.

You need to be straightforward with people. Not everyone is going to know that you really posted that picture with that girl to make your ex-girlfriend jealous. Some may take it as you are moving on since that is exactly what it looks like. You have to tell things how they are because not everyone can take a hint and some things may get lost in translation.

Number Four: Hiding Your Feelings Hurts More.

Bottling up these emotions and acting like you’re OK can trick yourself for some time but at some point you have to realize you aren’t OK and deal with that. You have to let these emotions out and crying to yourself every night isn’t going to fix that. You need to let people know how you feel because even if you think it won’t help, it will. You’ll feel so relieved that you finally got to let it all out.

Number Three: You’ll Always Wonder “What If.”

If you don’t tell someone exactly how you feel then you’ll always have that feeling of “what if” and sometimes that’s harder to live with. You’ll never know if that person feels the same, you’ll never know if they actually moved on from you, you’ll never know if they care too. But, if you let someone know then you can find out the truth. Even if the truth isn’t the answer you hoped for, at least now you know and can move on without wondering “what if”.

Number Two: It’s a Part Of Growing Up.

Learning to show how you feel is a part of growing up. If you’re still stuck playing games and trying to make people jealous then you’re immature. That’s not going to get you anywhere. Part of being an adult is being able to confront the difficult issues in your life like this. Communicating with people needs to be learned and letting someone know you care about them is a part of this.

Number One: You’ll Be Happier.

Who decided that showing you care is a bad thing? When did this rule that we have to hide all of our emotions and act like we are OK become the norm? You can be sad, you can miss someone, you can care about someone and that’s completely OK. It doesn’t make you clingy or annoying, it makes you human and if anyone thinks otherwise, then they clearly aren’t mature enough to handle you. It’s normal to want someone in your life and we all want it, so stop following this odd social rule that we seem to have in place. Tell someone today how you truly feel, stop keeping it inside, you never know they can be feeling the same thing. In the end, you’ll be much happier with yourself and with your life.