Can You Solve These 7 Real Unexplained Mysteries?

Some unexplained mysteries take weeks to solve, and others take months and even years. Well, these seven unexplained mysteries have yet to be solved at all! Check out the haunting stories of these unexplained mysteries below, and be sure to comment if you think you can solve one!

Number Seven: The Faces of Belmez. In 1971, the Pereira family began noticing strange faces appearing in their house. All throughout the house, faces would appear – in the walls, on the floor, and one especially prominent one on the concrete floor of their kitchen. Though the family destroyed that face, it continued to reappear over the course of the next 30 years. To this day, an explanation for why the faces appeared has never been offered.

Number Six: The Rain Man. In the early 1990s, Don Decker was staying at a neighbor’s after the death of his abusive grandfather. Decker fell into a strange, trance-like state, and water droplets began to form all over the inside of the house. The neighbors called the police, and when they showed up, they said that they saw rain droplets moving horizontally all around the house and clinging to the walls. There is no scientific explanation for why the droplets would have been moving horizontally.

Number Five: Sky Slime. In 1994, gelatinous blobs of slime began falling from the sky in Oakville, Washington. The slime was clear and thick, and it appeared six times over the course of three weeks. It caused many pets who came in contact with it to die, and one theory implies that a faulty naval bombing sent thousands of jellyfish up into the air, which then rained down onto the town.

Number Four: Toxic Lady. Gloria Ramirez was living in Riverside, California when she was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. She was previously diagnosed with advanced stage cervical cancer, but when she arrived at the hospital, she was confused and in a lot of pain. The nurse that took her blood noticed that her blood was thick and smelled like ammonia, and there were also crystals in it. Every nurse and doctor working around her later grew sick, and she has since become known as the toxic lady.

Number Three: Hessdalen Lights. The Hessdalen lights are potentially natural phenomena that have been occurring in Norway since the 1940s. The lights are usually bright white or yellow, and they often appear in abstract shapes. Though they used to be more common in the 1980s, today you can only spot them 10 to 20 times per year. There has never been an explanation for these lights.

Number Two: The Hum. The hum is a low-frequency humming or droning sound that has been heard by thousands of people but has never been sourced. The sound was first reported in the U.K. in the 1950s, and it has since been reported by people all over the world by people with no history of mental illness. There is no scientific explanation for what is causing the hum.

Number One: The Pollock Twins. The Pollock twins present one of the strongest ever cases for reincarnation. Gillian and Jennifer Pollock were born in 1958; two years earlier, their parents had another set of twin girls who were killed in a traumatic car accident. Though Gillian and Jennifer never knew their deceased sisters, they somehow were able to recite many facts about them, including the excruciating details of their deaths. Nobody knows how they figured out such information without ever being told.