7 of History’s Most Ridiculous Fashion Tips (Part 2)

We already brought you seven of history’s most ridiculous fashion tips, and today we’re bringing you seven more. These fashion tips from the British Library were actually followed by people at the time, which makes them all the more hilarious. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Seven: Dress Up Your Guitar. You won’t be that super special, whimsical indie guy unless your guitar is adorned with some needless string. Extra points if the tassel is pink (see number five).

Number Six: Your Hair Should Resemble a Rope. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! This woman probably did use her hair to rope in her suitors. And we can’t blame her.

Number Five: Pink Is Super Masculine. Well, check out this fellow! Though this is a subdued shade of pink, it is pink nonetheless. Pink and proud, we love it.

Number Four: Dudes, It’s Cool to Curtsy. Oh, aren’t you pleased with yourself? Even the stick he’s carrying is fancy.

Number Three: Get a Friend to Wear Matching Hats. Is this the original twinning? Who knows, because those hats are super confusing and it’s all we can look at. What are they even hiding from?

Number Two: Put a Bird on It. When in doubt, pull everything together with a stuffed bird on top of your hat. It never fails.

Number One: Hide All Your Secrets in Your Skirt. This girl really knows what she’s doing. Because, obviously, we all know her skirt is so big because it’s full of secrets! Secrets about that little man she’s holding, probably. What a minx.