7 Criminals Who Belong in Jail for Their Stupidity

Some criminals are brilliant, and some really just have no idea. These seven criminals should probably have taken a lesson from the law before they decided that committing a crime was a good idea. These seven criminals were caught on the basis of their stupidity, not for their actual crimes.

Number Seven: Jasmin Klair. Jasmin Klair was having a great time picking up her 24-pound package of cocaine when she thought she might as well celebrate. She drove off in a car that had a license plate reading “SMUGLR,” and she proceeded to check in at the Smuggler’s Inn. Thanks to her subtlety, the police were tipped off by some people in the Pizza Hut where she picked up the package.

Number Six: Walter Gafvert. Child porn addict Walter Gafvert was arrested in his California home, and illegal content was found on his computer. He was taken in to be interrogated to check if the content on his computer was simply due to random chance. However, he decided to download child porn as he was being interrogated, thereby sealing his fate.

Number Five: The Boys Next Door. A group of guys in South Wales thought it would be a good idea to grow cannabis in some storage units. Though they successfully hid what they were doing from the storage unit company, they slightly overlooked the fact that the storage units were next door to the police station and were caught soon thereafter.

Number Four: 911 Butt Dial. Two shoplifters made it out of Target with quite a few stolen DVDs. They were talking about just how “awesome” what they’d done was when one of them accidentally butt dialed 911. The 911 operator heard the entire thing and reported them to the police.

Number Three: Marco Polo. A Lakeview man dined and dashed and tried to hide in a vacant building nearby. One policeman chased him into the building but didn’t know where he was. As a joke, the police officer yelled out “Marco!” Much to his surprise, the idiotic dine and dasher yelled back “Polo!” He was obviously caught.

Number Two: Darren Kimpton. Darren Kimpton was a 49-year-old heroin addict who attempted – and failed – to rob two homes in the same night. He couldn’t get inside the first house, but he cut himself while there, leaving his DNA. He successfully got inside the second house, but much to his chagrin the cops were already inside because the house had already been burgled that night.

Number One: Michael Don Mitchell. Finally, Michael Don Mitchell just couldn’t help himself when he broke into a house one night and got a little craving for a snack. After he collected $87, a reusable shopping bag and a black fleece hoodie, he decided to eat a can of ravioli before he left. The stains around his mouth gave him away to the police.