Twinning: 7 Bizarre But True Stories of Twins

It’s often said that twins share a special connection with each other, but sometimes that connection is a little extra special. Below we have seven crazy but true stories of twins that will have you questioning reality and, in some cases, wishing you had a twin of your own (if you don’t already). Check them out for yourself below!

Number Seven: Twins Go Insane. Swedish twin sisters Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were traveling to Ireland for a vacation when something truly devastating happened. The twins arrived in Ireland with no medical history of mental disorder, but while they were there, they began to throw themselves in front of cars on the highway and would not stop. Six police officers were required to sedate Sabina, and when she was finally released from prison, she went on to murder a man and leap off of a bridge.

Number Six: Psychopathic Twins. Another story of strange twin behavior brings us to Jennifer and June Gibbons. Jennifer and June grew up very secretively and were so private in their communications with each other that they created a secret language. However, despite their close relationship, they also fought very hard. They were eventually committed to an asylum. Before their release, June and Jennifer stated that Jennifer would die on the day of release. As expected, Jennifer did die, but it was from a reason that could never be predicted. Jennifer had a rare heart problem that had been thus far undetected and subsequently killed her.

Number Five: DNA Acquittal. In 2009, a jewel thief got away with nearly $7 million worth of products. The suspects were two twins, Hassan and Abbas O. The police did a DNA analysis but could not conclude which twin committed the crime, so they were released.

Number Four: Twin Telepathy. Twin brothers Richard and Damien Powles agreed to be part of a show to test the power of telepathy. While Damien was hooked up to a polygraph machine, Richard had his hand dunked in ice cold water. The polygraph showed Damien experiencing distress at the exact same moment Richard had his hand dunked.

Number Three: Twin Lovers. A pair of anonymous twins that were separated at birth eventually found each other. While this sounds like a nice story so far, they felt an undeniable attraction toward each other and decided to get married. However, once the court realized they were related, their marriage was invalidated.

Number Two: Parallel Deaths. In 2002 in Finland, a 73-year-old man was hit by a large vehicle while he was cycling. Just two hours earlier, another 73-yera-old man was reported as hit by a large vehicle while cycling. The two men were twin brothers who shared a cycling pattern.

Number One: Twin Telepathy Part II. Finally, for our last strange story of twins, we have another case of telepathy. Leanne Houghton was just 15 years old when she heard a little voice in her head tell her that her sister Gemma was in trouble. She went into the bathroom where her sister was taking a bath and found her unconscious and drowning. She resuscitated her, and Gemma survived thanks to Leanne.