6 Types of Costumes You’ll Always See On Halloween

Every year, you can almost predict the type of people you’ll see when you go out and about on Halloween night. I say “almost” because you’ll also always have interesting surprises and unexpected twists on costume ideas that you might not have thought of. It’s always a fun time of year when the world of creativity takes the front seat, and everyone can let their inhibitions sway to the side and get weird. Here are six of the most common outfits you’ll most likely see don the streets every Halloween.

Number Six: The “I’m-Going-To-Use-This-Night-As-An-Excuse-To-Dress-Sexy” Costume.

Hellooooo, nurse! You can’t deny it – even though everyone makes countless jokes about these girls, half the reason you even go out on Halloween night is to see all the scantily-clad ladies that have put serious effort into wearing next to nothing. It’s part of the celebration! Whether it’s a pair of glittery mouse ears and hot pants or a skin tight police officer dress (arrest me, please!), you can always count on seeing these girls parade the night scene on the spookiest night of the year.

Number Five: The “Look-At-My-Junk” Costume.

Caption: “Come play with my balls!” Who doesn’t love seeing hilariously inappropriate costumes on Halloween? It leaves one to question if years ago, anyone would ever imagine All Hallow’s Eve turning into the one night a year it’s socially acceptable to dress up as genitalia or at least heavily referencing such *ahem* areas. One thing is for certain, though: there’s a surefire guarantee that some brave soul in an uncomfortably revealing leotard will no doubt make you spit out your vodka and Red Bull as he shamelessly shakes his stuff on the streets.

Number Four: The “We’re-A-Better-Looking-Couple-Than-You-And-We-Know-It” Costume.

Every year, you’ll see an adorably spiffed up couple that makes you green with envy about how well they’re able to pull it off. They’re attractive, their outfits are on fleek and to top it all off, they’re usually really sweet and totally camera ready to be a part of your Instagram post (#relationshipgoals). They’re the couple who makes you want a significant other to play dress up with or the couple that your boyfriend secretly hates because you’re now taking his measurements for next year’s Halloween.

Number Three: The “You-Would-Never-Be-Able-To-Pull-This-Off-DIY” Costume.

There’s always that one girl who has the coolest costume, and when you ask where she got it, she goes “Oh! I made this!” (like, what?!) It really is simple, though, once you break it down. All you need is fabric, glitter, cotton balls, construction paper, colored contacts, a wig, measuring tape, scissors, a hot glue gun and 20 hours of free time. Simple enough, right? Sure, I’ll get to it right after I finish binge watching my shows on Netflix…

Number Two: The “I’m-Too-Lazy-To-Halloween” Costume.

There’s always that one person that puts together a haphazard, barely acceptable costume that actually makes you wish you thought of it first. He’s the budget-conscious guy who didn’t want to shell out money for one night of costume-coated bar crawls, so he decided to mosey into his kitchen and drum up his own masterpiece. We salute you, you thrifty geniuses, you. We only wish we were as resourceful as you are.

Number One: The “I-Spent-the-Last-Eight-Months-On-This” Costume.

The kings and queens of Halloween fall into this category. They’re the ones we all aspire to be one day when we can finally dedicate the time it takes to create such glorious costumes. They’re the ones who make you wonder what their life was like moments before leading up to the finish of their creation. They leave you to wonder, how long did it take? Where did they get the materials? Where did they find the time? Will I ever be motivated enough to make such an awesome costume? Here’s to hoping, fellow patrons. Hats off to the ones that make this one night a year a memorable experience every time! Happy Halloween, folks!