6 Reasons to Fall in Love With Brian Fallon

Brian Fallon is wildly underrated. As lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of punk band The Gaslight Anthem, he has more talent in his baby toe than most artists have in their whole bodies. Aside from his compelling stage presence, Fallon has a low-key humility that most rockers lose in the process of fame. Good luck not falling in love with him – here are six reasons why you should.

Number Six: He’s a Badass, But Not Really.

Raised by his single, folk-singing mother, Fallon grew up in New Jersey in the early 80s and recorded his first cassette at the tender age of 17. He is actually a devout Christian, but keeps his faith fairly private, sticking to secular music.

Number Five: He Has Roots.

Brian wears his New Jersey roots with pride – which one might glean from his constant lyrical references to Greater New York. “Boardwalk talks / Standin’ in the Jersey rain / Under a central Jersey sky / If you’re anywhere in Manhattan in the next eight days or so, let me know,” to name a few.

Number Four: His Voice.

Fallon’s voice is constantly compared to fellow Jersey native, Bruce Springsteen. The Boss embraced it, requesting The Gaslight Anthem to open for him at his London show in 2009. Fans have taken to chanting, “Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!” when Fallon takes the stage.

Number Three: He’s Going Solo.

In July 2015, The Gaslight Anthem announced an “indefinite hiatus.” According to the band’s Facebook, “We’d like to recharge and take a step back until we have something we feel excited about.” In October Fallon announced that he’s recording his first solo album, Painkillers, set for release in early 2016. Rumor has it his bandmates have been kicking it in Jersey, working odd jobs and enjoying the break.

Number Two: His Human Decency.

Pearl Jam and Neil Young might be his ultimate muses, but Brian prefers to tour with lesser known artists like Bouncing Souls and Cory Branan. The Gaslight Anthem seem like a group of dudes who live by the golden rule. Being musicians is a privilege to them, and their philosophy is to pay it forward to other artists.

Number One: He Is Covertly Sexy.

Not to mention his songs are deep, nostalgic stories of Americana – the kind that make you ache in the depths of your own black heart. Does Fallon’s genius comes from his own wretched, rebel soul? I hope so. This makes him even dreamier, more misunderstood and pretty irresistible.