6 Kinds of Kisses Every Guy Should Give His Girl

Every girl wants to be kissed right. And if you give her kisses correctly, she’ll embrace the moment like it’s her very first time…every single time. When you kiss her passionately, you’ll make her smile, you’ll make her feel desired, and you’ll keep the sparks alive. So, by all means, take every opportunity to let her know she’s the only girl in the world for you. And, with that in mind, here are six kinds of kisses every guy should give his girl.

Number Six: The Alarm Kiss. When the alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m., you hit the snooze button, roll over to your girl, pull her close and put your arm around her while she shuffles into a comfortable position. Enjoy her closeness for five more minutes, and then gently kiss her on the shoulder and say “Babes, it’s time to get ready.”

Number Five: The Breakfast Kiss. You should be helping her prepare breakfast, but perhaps you were taking a quick shower. Anyhow, since she’s being thoughtful, you should be a little appreciative. So, while she’s scrambling eggs, anxiously keeping an eye on the time…walk up to her from behind, put your arms around her, squeeze her softly and kiss her tenderly on the neck.  She’ll smile contently, lean into you and gently rest her cheek on your shoulder.

Number Four: The “Have a Good Day” Kiss. On the way to work, you’re talking about all kinds of interesting stuff.  Out of nowhere, you begin teasing her about something silly she did and she playfully slaps you on the arm and says “Stop it.” In response, she brings up a really embarrassing story, and you know you can’t win… so you have no choice but to laugh at yourself. You’d love to continue the conversation, but you’ve pulled up at her workplace. Before she opens the door and steps out of the car, you unbuckle your seat belt, reach over, give her a kiss on the lips and say “Have a good one.”

Number Three: The Emoji Kiss. When you’re really into someone, it’s natural to check up on them. So, at some point in the day when she crosses your mind, randomly send her a *Kiss emoticon.* Who knows, she may be going through a rough day, and simple gestures make a big difference.

Number Two: The Passionate Kiss. You’re on the couch, watching your TV series with your arms wrapped around her. You’ve lost interest in the show as her fingers begin to flirt with your palm. You hold her hand and glance at her lips. She blushes while you inch closer. And when you calmly move the strand of hair behind her ear, look deep into her eyes and rest your hand on her cheek, she’ll yearn in anticipation.

Number One: The Goodnight Kiss. It’s time to sleep, so you turn off the lights, jump into bed, and pull up the covers. In the process, you sheepishly try to take most of the sheet but she fights back. You’re a gentleman, so you let her have her way with the covers. And then you roll over to her and share a goodnight kiss with her on the lips. And then in the middle of the night, you sneakily take back some of the sheet.