6 Gadgets to Help You Embrace Your Inner Kid

When it comes to stuff, why settle for boring when you could have the most whimsical gadgets available? Here are six fun and creative home products that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Number Six: The Doodle Blanket. If your kids are huge fans of the restaurants that let them draw on the tables, then they are sure to love this bedding. These covers come with a set of colorful markers that allow you to draw all over them, and then it easily washes out! It is great for creative types of all ages, or the avid note-takers who are tired of writing on their hands.

Number Five: Lego Mug. Nobody ever quite grows out of Legos. Now, you can turn your morning cup of coffee and sleepy boredom into a building adventure! Let your imagination take sail with this creative coffee mug. Every morning will transform from brick-by-boring-brick into routine playtime that you desperately need.

Number Four: Notepad Pillow. This pillow has the ability to transfer your family notepad to a place where the kids and husband have to give it their attention- the couch! This pillow is the most fun way to get a message across to your family, and the most effective. When the message needs changing, simply wash away the writing. This gives a whole new meaning to pillow talk!

Number Three: Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers. If you’re looking to spice up your dull weeknight meal, it’s as simple as bippity boppity boo! With these magic wand salt and pepper shakers, you can add a little flavor magic to any meal. Stick to salt and pepper, or fill them with your own magically delicious spice blend.

Number Two: Fuzzy Face Frame. Everyone remembers Wooly Willy, right? Well, if you’ve ever wanted a custom one so you can draw ridiculous hair on your friends and family, the solution is finally here. With the Fuzzy Face Frame you can give your daughter a beard, see how your grandpa looks with a full head of hair, or let your dog have that afro that he’s always dreamed of.

Number One: 3D Pen. Have you ever wanted to draw in thin air? Well, now it’s possible. Draw a picture to prop up on your desk, bring to life your own 3D creature, design up your architectural dreams, or even create your own version of a slinky. The possibilities (and fun) are endless!