6 Celebrities With Their Younger Selves

Have you ever looked at before and after pictures of celebrities and wondered “what happened?” Well, now Artist Fulvio Obregon, who also goes by the pseudonym Fulaleo, has realized this question with rendered illustrations of some of the most famous people to ever have existed. We see the likes of Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, and Robert De Niro next to their younger selves, which provokes us to wonder not what happened, but instead to wonder about the intricacies of these moguls’ journeys to stardom – with a caveat. Obregon was inspired to do this project by an ad with a woman next to her younger self, and considering much of his work is satiric and sarcastic, take a second look at these photos to catch a sly joke or two. See for yourself below.

Number Six. Bill Gates.

Number Five. Robert De Niro.

Number Four. Mick Jagger.

Number Three. Michael Jackson.

Number Two. Steve Jobs.

Number One. Paul McCartney.