5 Most Mysterious and Unexplainable Deaths of All Time

Death is a natural, inevitable part of life. Really, there’s nothing to be afraid of, right? Wrong. These five unexplainable deaths are chilling and will probably keep you up at night. Continue reading at your own risk, because some scary stories lie ahead!

Number Five: Morgan Dana Harrington. Morgan Dana Harrington was a 20-year-old student at Virginia Tech when she went missing in 2009. She was at a Metallica concert with friends when she said she had to go to the bathroom. However, she never came back. Instead, her friends called her, and she said she could not gain re-entry into the venue, which seemed to be a non-sequitur since the bathrooms were inside. However, her friends paid no mind. Her body was found weeks later, and she died a very violent death. There is still no explanation for her death.

Number Four: Evelyn Hernandez. In 2002, Evelyn Hernandez, who was nine months pregnant, was found washed up on the shore of the San Francisco Bay. Her torso was ripped open, and her nearly developed child was missing. Police speculated that she was murdered by the same person who murdered another pregnant woman a year ago. However, it was soon discovered that the other woman’s husband murdered her, and Hernandez’s killer has never been found.

Number Three: Jonathan Luna. Jonathan Luna was an attorney in Baltimore when he was murdered in 2003. One night, it appeared that he got into his car and drove in the opposite direction of where he lived for reasons that remain unclear. He traveled some distance and withdrew money from an ATM. He eventually crashed into a creek, and at first, police thought it was a suicide. However, his body was found with 36 stab wounds, and he actually spent most of the car ride in the backseat. There was never any other DNA found in his car, so his killer may still be at large.

Number Two: Shannan Gilbert. Shannan Gilbert was working as an escort one night in 2010 when she left her client’s house in a fit of terror. She was apparently screaming that someone was going to kill her, and she even woke up a random man to try and get him to help. He did eventually offer to help and call the police, but she ran away and disappeared. Her decomposing body was later found in a nearby marsh. Though the official cause of death is an accident, it was never discovered what – or who – cause her to experience so much panic.

Number One: Elisa Lam. Canadian woman Elisa Lam was just 21 years old when she died. She was found in a water tank above the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Though her cause of death is unclear, there is some chilling footage of her in a broken elevator the night she died. She appears to be gesturing to someone off camera, and at times she looks like she’s hiding. Nobody has figured out what happened the night Lam died.