5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Vegetables

Eating: it’s a favored and necessary time during our busy days. What’s something we can all eat more of? Yeah, you guessed it: vegetables. Choosing between that juicy bacon double cheeseburger from Five Guys and that Greek salad with avocado are life decisions we face every day. And let’s just be real for a second. Cheeseburgers alongside an order of natural cut fries are lunch goals worthy of your next Instagram post. However, if you’re eating greasy foods all the time, you may be one burger flip away from high blood pressure and obesity. Incorporating more fresh vegetables in your diet will not only improve your lifestyle, but it will also help you shed that stubborn belly fat you’ve been struggling with. Here are five reasons why you should be eating more vegetables.

Number One: Reduce your risk of disease. People who eat fresh vegetables reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and a whole host of heart diseases. It’s recommended that you fill half of your plate with fresh veggies and also fruits at every meal.

Number Two: Lose unwanted weight. Vegetables contain essential fiber our bodies need for optimal digestive system function. In others words, eating more veggies will make you go and eliminate excess waste in your body. Veggies like spinach, broccoli, and carrots will keep you full for longer periods of time and are low in calories. This alone will have you eating less and help you shed unwanted weight!

Number Three: Spice up your Plate with color and texture. Besides the health benefits, veggies can also give you the opportunity to create aesthetically pleasing dishes for your social media blogs. Try building a salad with colorful options like red bell peppers, kale, red onions, and carrots.

Number Four: Load up on vitamins and minerals. All vegetables are jam-packed with essential B vitamins and essential minerals that will help you feel healthy and energized throughout the day.

Number Five: They are portable and convenient. Next time you step out, remember that veggies are extremely portable and convenient to eat as a snack whenever your stomach is calling for some stimulation. Bring a couple servings with you to eat in a ziplock bag instead of buying snacks from the corner store.