5 Oddest Available iPhone Accessories

With the rise of Apple products and iPhones, a concurrent rise in obnoxious amount iPhone accessories was inevitable. However, some of these accessories span beyond covers depicting Minions and Mickey Mouse ears. With that in mind, here are five of the oddest iPhone accessories that have come to be.

Number Five: Brass Knuckles iPhone Case. A case that’s designed to look like brass knuckles? Why the creators thought this would be a good idea is a mystery, but whatever works for the inventor’s market. This case looks pretty much harmless, and it’s more or less a novelty iPhone case with a handle so you don’t have to let go of your precious baby. Made out of solid aluminum, this sure can pack a punch, but it is not recommended by the company, with a disclaimer stating “it is intended strictly for use as a handle, and that any other use forfeits any implied warranty for the product, and hold the company harmless for any misuse of the product, which results in damage.” Well, there you go.

Number Four: JoeyBra. Hey, ladies, this one’s for you! Why shove your iPhone into your bra when you can simply put it in a pocket attached to your bra? The JoeyBra has a mesh pocket on the side of the bra to carry an iPhone (and whatever else you want to fit in that little side pocket). Convenience-wise it’s a great idea, but for accessibility – not so much.

Number Three: Yellow Jacket Case With Stun-Gun. Are you shocked that this is a sellable product? Bad pun aside, yes, this is an iPhone case you can actually buy. This case looks like a typical heavy armored case, but this 950,000V stun gun is capable of deploying 1.3mA of electricity. The stun-gun is detachable and has safeties around the case so you aren’t shocked by the case accidentally. It even comes with a battery pack that charges both the stun-gun and your iPhone!

Number Two: Isopod iPhone Case. This case takes the cake of weird iPhone cases. Why not have a crustacean with a segmented exoskeleton and two pairs of antenna hugging your iPhone? Strangers looking for errant iPhones will never know. There are two versions: one which is silver costs $80, and a fancy gold version costs a whopping $120.

Number One: Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger. If we had to choose one product that should not exist for mobile phones, it would be this. Its life-like design, with the same color and texture, is just plain creepy. Apparently, the charger actually undulates when plugged in, so if you want a pulsing iPhone charger around, this one is for you!