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Report: 4chan User Posted About Epstein Death — 38 Minutes Before It Was Public Knowledge

Report: 4chan User Posted About Epstein Death — 38 Minutes Before It Was Public Knowledge

A user on the message board website 4chan posted information with strikingly accurate details over Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide death over the weekend, publishing accounts of the incident nearly 40 minutes before a public announcement about the death was ever made.

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The former financier was found in his jail cell on Saturday after he had apparently hanged himself. He later died of cardiac arrest.

The announcement of the former financier’s death came from ABC News on Saturday, which tweeted it out. However, a post on a 4chan message board was made describing the incident 38 minutes before that tweet was posted, BuzzFeed News reported.

“[D]ont ask me how I know, but Epstein died an hour ago from hanging, cardiac arrest,” the user who published the posting wrote. “Screencap this.”

Details after that initial post, added on by the original author, give the impression that the person works or worked in a first responder or another medical field. The New York City Fire Department conducted its own inquiry into the matter (though not an official investigation) and determined that it was not one of its own staff that sent out the 4chan posting.

4chan message boards are notorious for sharing unfounded conspiracy theories and other news threads that aren’t always based on accurate reporting. In this instance, however, the user seemingly got a lot of the details right, which begs the question: how did they know about it?

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Several users on social media, from the left and right, have voiced doubts or skepticism about the way Epstein died. Some, including a Twitter account that President Donald Trump himself retweeted, have suggested (without providing a single shred of evidence) that the former financier was assassinated by Bill and Hillary Clinton, prior reporting from HillReporter.com detailed.

Epstein was in jail awaiting a trial involving allegations of child sex trafficking and conspiracy. He was 66 years old at the time of his death. Because of his passing, it’s unclear where the investigation will go from here, although in all likelihood the conspiracy aspects of his charges will continue moving forward, as they would involve other individuals’ criminal misdeeds as well.

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