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45 MPH Speed Limit Signs in Vegas May Instead Read ‘Impeach 45’

45 MPH Speed Limit Signs in Vegas May Instead Read ‘Impeach 45’

If you are driving around Las Vegas, Nevada, and happen to be on a road with a 45 MPH speed limit, you may come across something surprising.  Some motorists in Vegas are noticing that those traditional signs that normally read “Speed Limit 45” now says “Impeach 45”, in protest of our 45th President, Donald Trump.

On the surface this may look like a traditional act of vandalism, but in actuality there are good intentions behind this magnetic quasi-vandalism.

A man who goes by the name Eric Levi, for anonymity’s sake, tells Hill Reporter that his actions are actually for a good cause.

“I have a campaign where I hang one of these signs for every shirt bought, and the proceeds [go to] feeding and clothing homeless veterans in Las Vegas,” Levi tells us. “I only attach the signs with magnets, to ensure I cause no damage. I return within 24 hours and remove them, and apply them at a different location.”

Levi sells shirts which have pictures of his signs on top of the traditional road signs for $19.99 on bonfire. They are available in five colors (grey, black, pink, orange and blue), and literally every possible size you can imagine.

Certainly Levi’s practice of quasi-vandalism seems a bit iffy when it comes to legality, but he doesn’t seem all that worried.

“I do know the legality of it, it’s kind of a grey area,” Levi says.  “There are cases being fought, but as of right now I CAN be fined for it, however the two times LEO  [law enforcement officials] have spotted me they’ve not done anything other than ask me to take it down. I’m working on a new method that falls 100% within the law, but still provides the same visual effect, and will begin using that soon.”

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Levi tells us that his reason for putting these signs up is quite simple.  He believes that President Trump is harming our nation, and that there is a strong chance that Trump will incite actual violence.

“What the world is watching, is embarrassing,” Levi explains. “I’m ashamed. I post them to be a voice, even if competitively I’m barely making a sound, I can say I didn’t sit silently.”

The other reason that Levi continues to pursue this campaign is for the sake of Las Vegas’ homeless veterans, who he brings food, sanitary supplies and food to on his weekends.  Whether or not this practice is successful isn’t in question, as photos of Levi’s magnetic sign modification have already spread across the internet at an almost record pace.

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