4 Simple Steps to Start Running

Running as we know is an excellent all-rounder workout and best cardio exercise. Running comes along with lots of fun and many health benefits. It is one of the most preferred exercise for everyone from beginners to experts and to athletes. Running facilitates the exercise for the whole body and gives you an opportunity to be out in the nature and to breathe fresh air. Before we discuss on how to start to love running we should first know the benefits of running which in turn would motivate many of us who are not into running exercise.

Three major health benefits of running. Number One: Running promotes burning off calories by letting the heart beat in a regular rhythm, fixing the metabolism, increasing the blood and oxygen flow all throughout the body and thereby helping in reducing weight. Number Two: Running helps in lowering blood pressure and maintains the elasticity of arteries.  It slows down the bone and muscles loss process and provides strength to the lungs by regulating the breathing. Number Three: Running also has psychological benefits because running promotes the release of endorphin which in turn uplifts your mood and spirits. It has been reported that those who run regularly are less stressed and happier.

Now that we have discussed the major benefits of running I am sure many of you must be motivated by now to learn some steps on how to start loving this wonderful cardio exercise (Running). Running may sound easy but it’s difficult at the same time. It is true that whenever we start something new we have to be consistent and determined to be able to achieve our goals.

Number one: There is always a first time. There should not be any hesitation to start running at any time of your life just because you haven’t run before. Remember there is always a first time. Of course it’s not going to be easy at the beginning but determination and a positive attitude will keep you going. Take baby steps and start with a fast paced walk for 30 minutes. It’s important to assess your stamina and ability before you start any new exercise especially if it’s of high intensity.  It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment before you jump into vigorous workout. Once you are comfortable with the walking gradually divide your exercise time between walking and running. Eventually you will start running like an expert. A word of caution for elderly and senior citizens and all those with any illness to first consult your physician before embarking on any vigorous exercise including running.

Number two: Proper timing of food and energy. Make sure to run when your energy levels are at its peak. For this, you need to eat the right food at the right time. Never run on an empty stomach, it will lower your energy and mess up your metabolism. Always eat protein three hours before running. If the gap is longer eat a small snack like a banana or any fruits 30 minutes before running. Another important tip to remember is that never run on a full stomach or else you will invite stomach ache and you won’t get a chance to start to love running as you planned at the beginning.

Number three:  Prepare yourself. Always warm up before running which can be either walking or stretching. Run slow at a certain pace so that you can run for longer time. Don’t worry about the long or short stride at this stage. Your focus should be to get used to the idea of running mentally and prepare your body by increasing stamina and shaping it to run faster and effectively in near future. Don’t be in a rush to either like or dislike running. Before you decide on your thoughts about running give it sufficient time and effort.

Number four: Make it fun. It’s always good to get lost in your thoughts and surroundings while running so that you are not focusing on the time or counting your steps and trying to see your goal destination. All these thoughts will derail you from your running goals. Always entertain yourself either by listening to music with the help of ear plugs or download some fun and interesting apps that will keep your thoughts away from running. Always listen to something perky and cheerful that may motivate your positive energy levels. Some people like to observe nature while running and get absorbed by its beauty. Once you get used to running keep changing your running path or trails to generate excitement in your running regime.  Running on a treadmill can also add variety for you in case weather does not permit outdoor running.

Running is essentially a fantastic and fun exercise and gives you a chance to be social as well, along with being mentally and physically fit. You can always run with your workout buddy and make it more challenging and interesting for yourself. To love running it’s important to stay motivated.