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4 Republicans Vote to Condemn Trump’s Squad Tweets

4 Republicans Vote to Condemn Trump’s Squad Tweets

As the controversy over Donald Trump’s weekend tweets boiled over, conservatives did not seem willing to take a stand. Some pundits and even former cabinet members spoke up, but many Republicans preferred to stay silent and not incur the wrath of the President.

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Today’s resolution to condemn the President’s tweet gave each conservative Congressperson to opportunity to plant their flag on the matter. Four Republicans chose to tempt fate and cast a vote against Trump’s language.

The four who voted for the resolution were Will Hurd (TX), Fred Upton (MI), Susan Brooks (IN) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA). Brooks is nearing retirement, but the other 3 lawmakers are likely to again run for office.

Hurd has already made his thoughts known on the matter. He noted that he had a special responsibility to speak out as he is the only African American Republican in the House of Representatives.

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Upton explained his vote by saying, “Today’s resolution was targeted at the specific words that frankly are not acceptable from a leader in any workplace large or small. If we’re going to bring civility back to the center of our politics, we must speak out against inflammatory rhetoric from anyone in any party anytime it happens. America embraces diversity, and that must continue.”

Brooks made a similar statement. “I believe our diverse backgrounds as Americans make our country greater and stronger,” she said. “These differences should be celebrated by all of us. Today, I voted to condemn the racially offensive remarks the leader of our country made. However, I remain disappointed that the Democrats refuse to hold their own members accountable for their targeted, anti-Semitic and hateful speech.”

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