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4 Moments From Peter Strzok’s Testimony That You Must See

4 Moments From Peter Strzok’s Testimony That You Must See

As you are all likely aware, today, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok appeared before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees to testify on behalf of himself and his actions and role within the FBI’s investigation into Russian election interference.

As was to be expected, members from both sides of the aisle became testy with one another on several occasions as Peter Strzok repeatedly testified that he did not act on any bias during his time at the FBI.

While the hearing is still ongoing at the time of publishing, we’ve provided four key moments from the hearing which summarize some of the back and forth between Representatives of Congress and Mr. Strzok.

Here’s what you need to know right now.

Peter Strzok’s Opening Statement:

Peter Strzok opened the hearing with a short, yet powerful statement, bringing the President’s own rhetoric into his message, and throwing it back into his face.

Strzok also clearly points out that the FBI’s attorneys have told him to stay away from revealing any information about current investigations.


Trey Gowdy VS. Peter Strzok:

Over and over again, Republicans, including President Trump, have asserted that Peter Strzok had exhibited political bias during his time at the FBI.

When Trey Gowdy insisted that Strzok was bias, he responded by claiming that he did not exhibit bias, but rather a “political belief,” and that all Americans have “political beliefs.”

Strzok’s point was that just because someone holds a political belief doesn’t mean that they are biased.

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Peter Strzok Fights Back:

Strzok goes on the defense in a two minute long diatribe, which many political pundits are already pointing out as the hearing’s most authentic moments.


GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Attacks Strzok as a “Liar” and Cheater in a Hateful Rant:

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert attacks Strzok personally, as fellow members of both committees act out in his defense. Gohmert then turns to bringing up Strzok’s relationship with his wife.


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