4-In-5 Americans Worried They Or A Loved One Could Contract Coronavirus

A new poll details how Americans are starting to feel more anxious than they did just a week before about the potential to contract coronavirus, either for themselves or for someone they know.

Nearly 4-in-5 respondents (79 percent) in an ABC News/Ipsos poll released on Friday said that they are worried they might get infected with COVID-19, while just 1-in-5 (21 percent) said they’re not that concerned about it.


The number of Americans who described themselves as “concerned” went up from the same poll a week ago, when 66 percent said they had worries, while 34 percent said they weren’t concerned.

While 79 percent of citizens overall said they had concerns, ideology appears to play a role in whether individuals are taking the threat seriously or not, with a third of Republican respondents saying they’re not concerned, versus 66 percent saying they are worried.

Age is also a factor. Going against recent reports showing spring breakers irresponsibly attending mass gatherings on Florida beaches, younger Americans ages 18 to 29 are the group that’s most likely to worry about themselves or a loved one coming down with the disease, with 83 percent saying so. Seventy-five percent of individuals in the age bracket of 30-49 say they have concerns, while 79 percent of those aged between 50 to 65 say the same. Eighty-two percent of those over the age of 65 say they have concerns.

Americans also say they’ve changed their work situation versus last week. Three percent reported working from home in the last poll, but now 17 percent say they’ve adjusted to the realities of the disease and started working from home. Meanwhile, 41 percent of Americans say they’re not employed now due to the threat of the disease.

Thirty-six percent say they’re still working their regular jobs, out of the home, down from 55 percent the week before.

Another drastic change from last week? President Donald Trump’s approval rating when it comes to handling the outbreak. Most disapproved of his work on the disease in last week’s poll, but the numbers have since flipped, with 55 percent approving of his efforts on coronavirus and 43 percent disapproving — perhaps because of a drastic change in his tone over the course of the past week.

Featured image credit: olgalionart/Pixabay

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