22 Dubious Pets That Are Making Life Incredibly Difficult

22.  Household Hero?

As much as we love the cuddly four-legged friends in our lives, sometimes our pets can be a little bit more than we bargained for. Being sweet and innocent only gets our animals so far. Whether it’s stirring up household mayhem or just driving their humans absolutely crazy, there’s a cheeky side of all pets that can cause them to act out without a care in the world. While it might not be funny at the moment, we’re able to look back at our troublesome pets and laugh about all the hard times they’ve sent our way. But when it comes to being a mess, nothing can compare to these 22 dubious pets.

21. or Household Foe

Sometimes our four-legged friends don’t even mean to cause mischief. But some deeds that these animals commit create just a colossal mess, it is hard to wonder if it was an innocent mistake or an act of vengeance against a household appliance. Unfortunately, with the innocent and cute nature of these four-legged friends, it’s impossible to know for sure.

But what do you do when your pet thinks your privates are chew toys?

20. When the Bite is Worse Than The Bark

As well intentioned as our fuzzy friends can be, sometimes they can take playtime a bit to far and a bit too close for comfort if you know what I mean. The owner of this pup definitely does.

Some pets even act out agaisnt their diet plans, in the worst possible way.

19. Doggie Diets

It’s always difficult to talk to your friend about dieting but especially with your four-legged friends. This pup didn’t take the lifestyle change suggestion so well according to the owner’s nice new sandals.

We all get the munchies, sometimes…

18. Getting the Munchies

Sometimes our four-legged friends cannot help their curious taste in snacks. That includes your household and hygiene items, apparently.

Don’t leave your food unattended, either.

17. The Diet Enforcer

Man’s best friend can also be your diet’s best friend. Thinking about that slice of pizza? It’s taken.

Some pets go to the end of the earth to get what they want, and no packaging can get in their way.

16. Foodies

The heart want’s what the heart want’s and so does the stomach when your a four-legged friend. Unfortunately, they may forget to ask and help themselves to the pantry when your away.

On special occassions, food isn’t necessary, but the couch will do.

15. Eating You Out Of House and Home

Speaking of helping themselves, sometimes you’re couch could be a nice substitute for a snack. Well according to this pup anyways.

But sometimes, it’s not food or couches they want, but rather a little attention.

14. Loud Housemates

It’s not just having the munchies that can get our four-legged friends into trouble. Sometimes they just are a little bit too chatty especially by the neighbor’s standards. These pets would know.

A few dogs are trying out their hand at gardening, but unfortunately, they’re not doing it right.

13. Digging into Trouble

Whether it’s getting the munchies or barking up a storm, our furry friends can’t seem to help to sink their paws into trouble.  By trouble, according to this pup, it may just be that nice new houseplant.

The next pets on this list really take adventure to a whole new level. They’ve even started demolishing walls.

12. A Little Hole in the Wall Kind of Place

Playing hide and go seek is always a fun game to play with friends, but sometimes it can get a little interesting when your pet decides to play. They tend to think a little bit outside the box with the unusual hiding places.

Other times our pets love to leave us surprises, in the worst places.

11. Secret Surprises

Speaking of hiding in unusual places, our four-legged friends always seem to pick the most creative hiding places for surprises.

Imagine trying to watch TV only to realize you’re not getting a dish signal, for some reason…

10. Mixed Signals

Who needs television when you’re having so much fun with your four-legged friends? There is never a dull moment as a pet owner. Just ask this cat!

The next dog on this list is quite the accomplished theif.

9. Theifs in The Night

Of course, when you take in a furry friend of your own, you open up your house and home to them. You also open up the kitchen, whether you know it or not. Just ask this pup’s owners.

How would you feel if your pet decided to become a fashion designer? Before you answer, you’ve got to see his face.

8. Fashion Foes

Friends don’t let friends wear the wrong outfit right? Especially our four-legged friends. In fact, sometimes an outfit makes a great snack according to this pup.

We all hate when our view is blocked, it’s just some hate it more than others…

7. Not So Chill

Friends will always help you cut back on those unnecessary expenses. Air conditioning may be something you think you need during the hot summer time, but trust this four-legged friend, he thinks you will be just fine.

There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work, only to realize your furry friend has decided to unravel your kitchen…

6. Making a Mess

True friendship can be a little messy at times. Especially when your friendship may include a cat or two.

But sometimes, it’s not you or your things your pet is after…

5. Not What You Ordered?

With friendship there will always be ups and downs, sometimes you may even feel that you got a little more than you bargained for.  At the end of the day though, they may be a handful they are family. 

This next pet has taken the job of alarm clock quite seriously.

4. Personal Alarm Clock

Household pets not only make great friends but even better alarm clocks in the morning. This cat won’t have you sleeping in on her watch.

Some pets even like to play dress up. The only problem is, they take it a little too far, as usual.

3. Getting Caught Red Handed?

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to tell if something is wrong, but you will never have to worry about your pets… you can usually tell when their up to no good. especially when you catch them red-handed–or red-faced– like this pup.

Sometimes, there is just nothing you can do to prevent your pet from doing what they love…

2. Toilet Paper Hogs

Whenever you share a house or have roommates, it always seems like the toilet paper is the first thing to run out. Especially when your housemate is this hungry pup.

We love our pets, even when they do the unthinkable. However, it’s okay for us to have a little fun, too…

1. Can’t Live with Them Can’t Live Without Them

All and all, they may cause us a headache, they may eat us out of house and home, they may get the neighbors upset here and then. It may seem like we cannot live with them, but at the end of the day, we cannot live without them either.