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2020 Gave Us Room Rater; 2021 Could Be The Year Of ParlerTakes

2020 Gave Us Room Rater; 2021 Could Be The Year Of ParlerTakes

In April 2020, the country was struggling to cope with being shut in and locked down as the coronavirus outbreak spread. Sourdough bread, jigsaw puzzles, and Zoom meetings filled almost every waking hour. The tedium became crushing.

It was about that time when @Room Rater became a Twitter phenomenon. Rating bookcases, backsplashes, and hostage videos as news programming originated from kitchens, basements, and bedrooms, the tweets by Jessie and Claude provided a fun escape from the awfulness of 2020, the year we would love to forget but will always remember.

For 2021 it’s looking like @Parlertakes may be the Twitter account to watch. In an admirable act of selflessness, the operator of the account has waded into the social media site Parler to chronicle and comment on the nut-jobs that have landed there after having been banned from Twitter or fled on their own accord. In addition to being an amusing diversion, @Parlertakes also is performing a civic duty by keeping an eye on the musings of the radical right fringe elements in the U.S.

Parler is the new social media hangout for conservatives. Users are a who’s who of the right: Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Lin Wood, just to name a few. Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is on the site and has about two million followers. Numerous accounts with the term “Proud Boys” routinely send out messages, known as “parlays.”

Many are political, like this gem from the recently pardoned Roger Stone.

Whether from the infamous, famous, or forgettable, the messages aren’t always clearly thought out, spell checked, or proofread.

But if you really want to appreciate the public service genius of @Parlertakes, take a look at this:

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Of course, there always has to be a “winner,” with @Parlertakes. This week, we have to go with this little ditty, for sure:

Look for more @Parlertakes here on HillReporter soon!

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