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WATCH: 2020 Election Calls For Treason Charges, Says GOP Senate Hopeful

WATCH: 2020 Election Calls For Treason Charges, Says GOP Senate Hopeful

There have been recounts. There have been audits. There have been lawsuits. Still, nearly 7 months later, no one has produced an iota of evidence supporting claims of election fraud significant enough to shift an outcome. (Sure, there’s a few cases of individuals cheating, like the guy who stands accused of murdering his wife and submitting her ballot for Trump, but nothing widespread or coordinated.)

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Still, Donald Trump and his sycophants haven’t stopped pushing the Big Lie, and primary challenges are starting to trickle in, particularly for those few Republicans who aren’t supporting it anymore (or didn’t to begin with). One of these challengers is Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer (R-OK).

As seen in the clip above, Lahmeyer says that there should be an investigation into the 2020 Presidential Election, and “hold those accountable of crimes of high treason against this country, because what happened in 2020, we cannot allow it to ever happen.” He says that we “don’t need to be looking to 2024, we need to fix 2020!”

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This of course plays on Trump’s reported claims that he will be reinstated, and the general buzz among some of his supporters who still believe that the 2020 election can somehow be overturned in his favor.

Lahmeyer is planning to challenge GOP incumbent Senator James Lankford (R-OK), who initially supported the Big Lie and spoke of challenging the electoral vote, but after the January 6th insurrection attempt, he issued an apology, KFOR reported at the time, saying that when he listened to Black voters, he realized the challenges were focused on predominantly Black communities, and that he never intended to support the message that Black votes shouldn’t count.

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