20 Inventions You Need Right Now (Part 3)

We already brought you parts one and two of our list of 20 inventions you need right now, and now we’re back with part three! Check out seven more things you never knew you needed below in our final installment of our list. You might be surprised by what you find out!

Number Seven: Cat Crib. The cat crib is a great way to train your cat to stop sleeping on tables, keyboards, and other surfaces you plan on using in the foreseeable future. Just tie the “crib” below a chair or table, and let your cat lounge while you get your work done! As far as inventions go, this one is simple and brilliant.

Number Six: Lock Cup. If you’re sick of your coworker or roommate using your special coffee mug, then the lock cup is for you! The bottom of the mug features a small hole that only a special key will fill. Without the key, the coffee will leak everywhere.

Number Five: Fruit and Vegetable Holder. If you’re clumsy in the kitchen, then you need a fruit and vegetable holder. The holder has thin, equidistant prongs that allow for perfect slicing and dicing of just about any fruit or vegetable.

Number Four: Ring Thing Bottle Opener. Not only is the Ring Thing Bottle Opener a cool, industrial-looking ring, but it doubles as an awesome bottle opener! Wear it to your next party to really impress your guests.

Number Three: Inside Out Retractable Umbrella. If you’re tired of closing your umbrella only to get the water it was protecting you from all over you, then look no further. The inside out retractable umbrella closes without the risk of getting wet, meaning you stay clean and dry all day.

Number Two: Gulping YolkFish Egg Separator. This invention is perfect for anyone who likes baking or cooking egg white omelettes. The small fish is able to suck up egg yolks so only the whites remain. You can choose to save the yolks for later or just skip the altogether!

Number One: Recycling Candlestick. If you’ve always felt like dripping candle wax is a wasted opportunity, then you’re in luck! The recycling candlestick allows the wax burned by the candle to accumulate in a vessel beneath the candle. The accumulated wax will eventually form a brand new candle!