2 Million Member Union Announces $150 Million Campaign to Defeat Trump

Labor Unions and there voting power can help to put any political candidate over the top. Unions once made up a significant part part of the Democrats mid-western firewall. This firewall broke in 2016 as a number of union members broke ranks to vote for Donald Trump.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Democratic candidates know that winning back these voters will be critical to winning in 2020. Liberals got some good news this week then the Service Employees International Union announced a $150 million campaign to defeat Trump.

The makeup of the SEIU includes many members who are minorities, immigrants or both. The group says their plan largely has to do with Trump’s inability to protect unions. “He’s systematically unwinding and attacking unions,” said SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. “Federal workers rights have been totally eviscerated under his watch. We are on fire about the rules being rigged against us and needing to elect people that are going to stand with workers.”

The campaign will largely take place in swing states that helped Trump in 2016. This includes Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The Associated Press reports, “The union and its local members will pay particular attention to two key urban battlegrounds they believe will play a defining role in the 2020 general election: Detroit and Milwaukee.”



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