The 1975 at Manchester Apollo: Event Review

It probably isn’t necessary for me to explain who The 1975 are, but for anyone who has been living in a cave for the past year, they are a rock/indie band who originated from Manchester, in England, and are probably one of the fastest rising bands of the decade, having already supported the Rolling Stones, and played night after night of sold out theatres and arenas. The 21st of September at Manchester Apollo was certainly no exception, with the theatre packed full of people, some of whom had been waiting for over six hours! The show being in their home town only added to the anticipation and pride felt by the ticket holders, safe in the knowledge that the band haven’t lost touch with their roots despite their fame. But it isn’t really a surprise they’ve found success with their songs epitomising every girls’ ideals and ambitions in life – “The City“, “M.O.N.E.Y“, “fallingforyou“, with an encore of “Chocolate” and “Sex” for good measure.

From the moment the band graces the stage with their presence, every girl (and most of the boys) in the theatre is completely mesmerised, in awe and head over heels in love with each and every one of the four-piece. Matty Healy began by entering the stage to indulgent instrumental music, standing with his arms wide open in front of the crowd, and swishing his hair, causing the biggest release of hormonal screams that I have ever heard in my life. His excitement was extremely admirable; nobody can argue that he doesn’t work hard for his success and fame. The only shame was that the rest of the band didn’t seem to share his energy, excitement and his trait for putting 100% in every single movement.

Matty obviously understood how the crowd was feeling; having counted down the days and minutes since they purchased the tickets in July, leading up to this very moment. He came down to the edge of the stage countless times, where he seemed to make it his mission to look at everyone he could, making him or her feel like the most important person in the world; he even managed to crowd-surf at the end (I have honestly never seen madness like it)! He isn’t someone who is taking his fame for granted; he is earning every penny he makes.

Their musical ability is incomparable to any band that I have seen live before. As a group they must have spent hours and hours rehearsing and perfecting each chord to an immeasurably good standard; they deserve to be very proud. It is rare to find a performer who is so comfortable on stage, and who enjoys it as much as Matty Healy clearly does. He is singing because it is his passion, and not because his kitchen could do with an extension. His smooth and natural dancing throughout every song was enough to make every girl in the room collapse in a combination of ecstasy and from attempting to sensually dance to attract his attention in a swelteringly hot theatre. But nobody seemed deterred by the humidity; every individual left the building in a state of complete disbelief, wondering how any future concert could even begin to compare with what they had just witnessed.

To anybody reading this who is contemplating buying a ticket to see them, then do not hesitate, book one immediately (if you can still find any left for sale). I can personally promise you that you will not regret it. I feel honestly privileged to have seen such an incredible, humble band in the flesh, and they are deserving of every ounce of success that they have earned. If an endeavour award is going to be given to any band, it should undoubtedly go to The 1975, the band who manages to perform 300 concerts a year.