19 Year-Old Activist Leaves Republican Party Over Trump COVID Response

For many, many years, the Republican Party has struggled with young voters. In 2016, Donald Trump lost the 18-39 year-old vote by 18%. It was even worse in 2012 for Mitt Romney who lost the young vote to Barack Obama by a margin of 25%.

Via Batya Goldberg Twitter Feed

You would think that the current GOP would like to hold onto any young voters supportive of their cause. Batya Goldberg, a 19 year-old who called herself “Brooklyn’s Youngest Conservative Activist,” was once a true believer in Donald Trump. But following the President’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goldberg says she no longer considers herself a Republican.

Goldberg explained her choice in a piece for the Brooklyner. The activist was in Israel at the time of the outbreak and the reaction was starkly different than that of the US. She is actually still in Israel as a result of travel restrictions.

“The result of this hastened reaction has led to there being fewer cases of COVID-19 [compared to the U.S.] in Israel and few deaths,” the activist wrote.

Goldberg continued:

“I believed in many principles of the Republican party that unfortunately are not even relevant anymore seeing as the Republican party has been taken over by the Trump agenda– not a conservative agenda, not a Republican one, not a constitutional one, but a Trump one. Now, having different very different political views, although some of my stances have not changed, especially in regards to my support, or lack thereof, of Trump, I look back and know full heartedly that I supported him for the right reasons.”

You can read the entire piece here

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