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1,712 Additional Migrant Kids Possibly Separated Before Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Was Official

1,712 Additional Migrant Kids Possibly Separated Before Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Was Official

An additional 1,712 migrant children may have been separated by the Trump administration prior to the official implementation of a similar policy put in place last year, according to a recent report.

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NBC News reported that new information, filed in court documents on Friday, lays out how thousands of additional children have been identified as possible victims of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.

That policy, which began in May 2018, aimed to deter families from crossing the border by stripping migrant children away from their parents if they dared cross the border together. At least 2,800 children have so far been identified as victims of that policy, though the number could be higher.

What makes the recent count more unique, however, is that the new numbers identify children who were separated before the policy was officially put in place.

Customs and Border Protection Commander Jonathan White, who is in charge of the process of identifying and reuniting migrant kids with their families, doesn’t believe that all 1,712 identified will ultimately be confirmed as separated.

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The process for identifying migrant children who were taken away from their parents first goes through the Department of Health and Human Services, which flags potential names as possibly being harmed by the policy. Those names then go to the Department of Homeland Security, which confirms whether they were in fact separated or not.

“I do anticipate that because we were very inclusive we will discover that many of those are false positives after CBP looks at them,” White maintained.

The revelations come about as Trump is fending off criticisms from new reports that he’s supposedly reconsidering implementing once again the child separation policy. Several sources have spoken to news agencies confirming that Trump is mulling the idea over, per previous reporting from HillReporter.com.

Trump has denied those plans to reinstate the policy, Politico reported shortly after those reports came to light, although he did argue he believes without such a policy in place, “it brings a lot more people to the border.

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