15 Strangest Laws Around the World (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of the 15 strangest laws around the world, and now we’re back with part two! Here, we’ve got eight more laws that are so ridiculous they’re laughable. The thought of going to jail for committing one of these “crimes” is so hilarious we had to share.

Number Eight: North Carolina. In North Carolina, it’s illegal to swear in front of dead people. There’s respect, and then there’s this law. All that aside, we’re not entirely sure what it means to be in “front” of a dead person. Can you swear at their grave, or is it just illegal to swear at an open casket funeral? Who knows.

Number Seven: Oklahoma. You could be thrown in jail for molesting an automobile in Oklahoma. If you have to fight the urge to do that, you should probably see a doctor first.

Number Six: Singapore. You won’t find any chewing gum in Singapore because it’s illegal. Maybe too many kids were sticking it under tables? Talk about a rigid reaction.

Number Five: Chicago. If you want your last meal to go down in flames, forget it in Chicago. It’s illegal to eat in a building that’s on fire. Sorry, sadistic arsonists. Wait – does this mean that it’s illegal to eat in any pizza restaurant that has a coal-burning oven? Hmm.

Number Four: Saudi Arabia. There is no minimum age for marriage in Saudi Arabia. In 2008, a Saudi court denied an 8-year-old girl the right to divorce her husband. Her husband was 58 years old at the time. From this story, some might argue that it’s illegal to deny a person anything if he’s a man.

Number Three: Britain. In Britain, you can’t operate a cow while intoxicated. Whatever that means.

Number Two: Canada. One out of every five songs that play on a Canadian radio station must be sung by a Canadian. That’s a lot of Celine Dion.

Number One: Australia. Finally, in Australia, it’s illegal to dress up as Batman! All Bruce Wayne wannabes should move to the states or consider a change of identity. We’re wondering if there’s a dark web-like place to buy illegal Batman costumes.