15 Inventions You Never Knew You Needed (Part 2)

You’ve already seen part one of our list of 15 inventions you never knew you needed, and now we’re back with part two! These handy creations may not seem intuitive, but they’re more useful than you ever realized. Check out numbers seven through one below.

Number Seven: Cat Crib. Yet another crafty cat toy, the cat crib will let your pet rest her head on somewhere that isn’t your keyboard or your face. The crib can be attached to just about anything that will support your cat’s weight.

Number Six: Mug Lock. Yes, this is real, and yes, you definitely need one. The mug lock will prevent anyone who doesn’t have the key to your mug from drinking out of it (anyone without the key will just see a leaky mug).

Number Five: Ring Thing Bottle Opener. This is the perfect invention to bring to your next party! Just put on the industrial-looking ring, and get ready to wow your party guests when you open beer after beer without any trouble at all.

Number Four: Inside Out Retractable Umbrella. This umbrella is perfect for people who want the protection of carrying an umbrella without the hassle of lugging around a sopping wet piece of fabric. The umbrella folds on the inside, preventing pesky drips from getting you wet.

Number Three: Gulping YolkFish Egg Separator. This is perfect for those health-conscious people obsessed with everything egg white. Instead of using the egg’s shell to separate it, which can be messy and inconvenient, this invention does it for you in no time.

Number Two: LEGO-Style Power Strip. This LEGO-style power strip might look like a toy, but it’s actually incredibly useful. The pieces connect together the same way that LEGOs do, and they rotate for added convenience. There’s no child’s play about that!

Number One: Wax Recycling Candle Stick. Finally, the most useful invention you never knew you needed is this wax recycling candlestick. Instead of buying candle after candle when the wax runs out, this candle will collect the wax it burns in the bottom of the receptacle, effectively creating a new candle every time you burn it!