14 Trump Ambassador Nominees Donated Large Sums to his Inaugural Fund

One of the perks of winning the presidency, is rewarding those who supported your campaign with ambassadorships. All presidents, regardless of political party, do this to some degree.

Photo by Lucas Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s campaign, however, worked under different rules than past candidates. The president did not place a cap on donations, which means some supporters gave over $1 million to the fund. For a variety of reasons many of Trump’s nominees have yet to be approved. One reason that has been suggested, is that they are unqualified for the positions they’ve been appointed to.

In fact, NBC reports that 14 of Trump’s inaugural fund contributors were later nominated to become ambassadors, donating an average of slightly over $350,000 apiece.

The White House has hurt the appointees by submitting their names late, or by not submitting names at all. Of 250 open positions, a total of 52 are still left vacant.

Presidents, Barack Obama and George W. Bush also made fewer political appointees. Under those two, the number was around 1/3 of nominees, under Trump it’s closer to 50% of the names.

The reason, though, that’s most frequently given for the candidate not being approved is their lack of qualifications. Ryan Scoville, a law professor from Marquette University, says, “Trump’s picks are less qualified than prior presidents’. The level of qualification has eroded while the amount of contribution to candidates has risen.”

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), is the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee. He says the Trump Administration, “either through negligence or incompetence, sends us un-vetted, unqualified nominees, incapable and often times offensive.”

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, disagrees with Menendez’s assessment. He told NBC that he, “hopes that the qualified people nominated by the White House, and now awaiting confirmation, can be voted on promptly.”

Time is running short for these 6 Trump nominees. With two years of waiting, only two more years remain for them to assume their ambassadorships in the appointed positions.

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