14 Goats Wearing Human Outfits

Number One. A cute little goat dressed up for school.

Number Two. This goat is looking pretty good in his black and red flannel.

Number Three. I’m not exactly sure what this goat is wearing or what his friend is doing in the background.

Number Four. This goat is looking fashionable and blocking out the haters with his sunglasses.

Number Five. Happy Halloween from this goat dressed up as a pink butterfly.

Number Six. Looks like this goat is ready for a big night out.

Number Seven. This goat even took it as far as standing on two legs while wearing a sweatshirt.

Number Eight. This goat is rocking the baseball cap.

Number Nine. This goat looks like he’s backpacking across Europe.

Number Ten. One of the biggest goats I’ve ever seen wearing one of the biggest shirts I’ve ever seen.

Number Eleven. It must be chilly out since these goats are wearing sweaters.

Number Twelve. Merry Christmas from this goat!

Number Thirteen. Another celebratory goat. Happy New Year!

Number Fourteen. Last, but not least, my favorite picture in this collection. The half-goat, half-human eating at the dinner table makes me laugh every time.