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[COMMENTARY] What’s Going On With Amy & Kylie Jane Kremer?

[COMMENTARY] What’s Going On With Amy & Kylie Jane Kremer?

A little over a year ago, Amy Kremer, the founder of Women For America First who also mistakenly believes Donald Trump loves her as much as she loves him, got popped for her failure to file quarterly reporting for her Women Vote Smart PAC by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for her shady Lady MAGA stuff. Like her Dear Leader, who would probably rate her only maybe a 2 (and that’s only because she raises money for him), Amy KKKremer mistakenly believes American tax laws just don’t apply to her. But that’s not true, as she’s racked up nearly $50K in fines alone for not submitting her financial reports, oooopsie! Which perhaps she doesn’t have and can’t get Dear Leader to pay out for her, which is perhaps at the root of the very public rift she’s having with her own flesh and blood after all of their January 6th party plans fell through and came with actual legal consequences.

Amy isn’t alone in being slavishly devoted to the same guy who’d walk over the bodies of his own kids and grandkids (none of whom he can probably name, by the way) to escape a burning building and then turn around and blame them for starting the fire. She’s also programmed her own adult-ish daughter, Kylie Jane Kremer, into helping her grow her flock of wilfully obtuse Southern Lady Sheeple. The two have been literally thick as thieves forever, but now something seems to have fractured their once-strong bond, because Kylie has been using her (apparently now disabled) Twitter account to reach out to her own mother instead of keeping their private family drama private.

Kylie Jane Kremer & Amy Kremer caught mid-treasoning on the Lady MAGAt campaign bus

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There’s nothing like some financial stress with the threat of prison looming over you to fracture your best friendships, and that seems to be the case with the KKKremers, who are finding out that sedition definitely has consequences as long as you’re not a sitting member of Congress or someone named Trump.

Twitter sleuths really tried to get to the heart of the issue, but before she disabled her account, Kylie ignored the responses from “haters” who suggested she just call her own mother, or maybe swing by her mom’s house. Unless someone was physically keeping Kylie from her mom? Someone who promised to keep an oath, or is proud of being a boy, maybe? I’m just asking questions, like many people. Sadly, accounts that no longer exists can’t answer, not that KKKylie was ever going to answer me anyway.

The mystery is really why they stopped speaking in the first place. Speculation on Twitter leaned in the direction of Mom selling out Daughter, or perhaps Mom found out Daughter sold her out? It’s not like legit journalists didn’t try to figure it out or help.

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So, if we’re going off of just this, it sounds like KKKylie cut a deal with the Feds because she thinks she’s too pretty for prison but her mom isn’t. Also, we don’t have to be nice to people who commit treason, just FY1st Amendment.

Amy Kremer is still tweeting, just not to her own daughter. I’ll keep an eye on this one, because we’ve only just begun to tap into what’s really going on here.

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