12 Pictures of Animals Wearing Sombreros

Number One. This little bunny wearing a black sombrero has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.


Number Two. The cutest little pup wearing a sombrero and a poncho!

Jose Cruz / www.hispanicmeme.com

Number Three. This adorable kitten is wearing a sombrero bigger than its own head!

CaptainOfTheCoconuts / www.reddit.com

Number Four. A baby pig wearing a sombrero.

Pierrejeanmichelle / www.reddit.com

Number Five. Usually, mice aren’t adorable, but this little mouse wearing a sombrero is definitely an exception.


Number Six. I didn’t know horses could even wear hats, but this one is working a sombrero like nobody’s business.


Number Seven. This grumpy dog still looks cute in his festive sombrero.


Number Eight. Awww…how cute! A guinea pig wearing a green sombrero.


Number Nine. Another adorable bunny wearing a sombrero.

kisekileia / www.slacktiverse.wordpress.com

Number Ten. A chihuahua wearing a sombrero with braids.

Eric Gay / Associated Press / www.gagdaily.com

Number Eleven. Another pup wearing a sombrero!


Number Twelve. Last, but not least, the cutest picture of them all… A dwarf hamster wearing a sombrero!