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Only 12% Of Americans Support The Senate’s Health Care Bill

Only 12% Of Americans Support The Senate’s Health Care Bill

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The Republican Senate has presented a health care bill that is only supported by 12% of Americans according to a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll.

The ACA repeal and replace law is not popular among a majority of Americans. The poll found that a 53% majority say Congress should either leave Obamacare alone or work to fix its problems while keeping its framework.

The GOP is faced with a dilemma as eight in 10 Republicans support a repeal of the law and one-third says they should repeal the law even if a replacement health care plan isn’t ready for prime time.

On the independent side, only 11% share the same belief and only 2% of Democrats feel that way.

Nearly half (45%) of respondents oppose the Senate bill and 40% said they don’t know enough about the bill to offer an educated response.

Republican respondents are also up in arms with only 26% supporting the Senate bill and 17% opposing it. 52% of respondents said they didn’t have enough information to make a decision.

USA Today spoke with 1,000 registered voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Pre-Existing Conditions And Medicaid

The USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll also found that pre-existing conditions were a major area of concern for respondents. Just over three-fourths, 77%, say it is “very important” that pre-existing medical conditions still be covered by a new health care plan. Only 6% of respondents (likely healthy individuals) said it was of no concern to them.

Two-thirds (63%) of respondents said the expansion of Medicaid is “very important” and that lower lower-income people who became eligible for Medicaid through the ACA. Only 10% of respondents said expansion of Medicaid was not of importance.

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The Congressional Budget Office estimates that removing Medicaid’s expansion will save $772 billion over the next 10 years but leave 15 million Americans without coverage.

Democrats Are Gaining More Trust Because Of The Health Care Bill

The poll also found that more than 4 in 1 Americans also have more trust in Democrats over congressional Republicans. They believe Democrats are more interested in protecting their interests and families.

Only 19% of respondents say they trust Trump more than any other politicians. The President’s rants about health care are left in the dust when compared to issues such as national security and the economy. Only 27% approve of the job he’s doing on health care while 61% disapprove.

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