Sean Hannity: The Government is Going to Tie You Down and Force You to Get the Shot

Sean Hannity, like the vast majority of the other personalities on Fox News has received the COVID-19 vaccine. His company requires employees to either get the jab or submit to a rigorous testing regimen that can see them taken off the air for any positive test.

The Fox personality has also encouraged his viewers to get their shot. He quickly backtracked on that advice, however. Now, like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, Hannity is again pushing anti-vax propaganda.

During his Wednesday radio show, Hannity chose to use his favorite tactic to incite his fans, fear. He told listeners:

“Now, there are many people out there, you know, I love that we get lectured by, let’s see, politicians and Dr. Fauci and radio and TV hosts, and you shouldn’t even get medical care if you didn’t get the shot, if you didn’t follow the one size fits all medicine. 

I mean, I am stunned that how many people now are coming out with comments like Fauci, ‘Oh the hell with your freedom, the greater good is more important.’ And if that means we’re going to, what — we’re going to tie you down and put the jab in you?”

Of course, no one is going to strap anti-vaxxers down and force them to get their shots. They could, however, soon find themselves without a job, unable to travel, and separated from society.

Listen to a clip of the segment below:

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