11 Animals Doing Human Activities

Number One. The first animal on this list is a cute little kitten enjoying his breakfast and reading the morning paper.

Number Two. Here we have two little Yorkshire Terriers. One is taking a bubble bath while the other is wearing a pink bathrobe and has a curler in her hair.

Number Three. After a long day at work, this dog is enjoying a nice glass of red wine.

Number Four. This talented orangutan is playing the ukulele.

Number Five. Man’s best friend is taking a ride on the swings set this time.

Number Six. This little mouse is lifting cucumber, carrot, and olive weights.

Number Seven. This cat is feeling quite peaceful as she practices her meditation.

Number Eight. Another dog who must have had a tough day at work. This one is at a bar having a beer with his friend.

Number Nine. This dog is concentrating really hard as he skateboards down the street.

Number Ten. This dog must have something stuck in between his teeth because he’s brushing them like it’s nobody’s business.

Number Eleven. Last, but not least, these two little mice are playing the saxophone and the french horn.