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Marjorie Taylor Greene Learns Nothing From Twitter Suspension

Marjorie Taylor Greene Learns Nothing From Twitter Suspension

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) returned to Twitter on Tuesday after a 7-day time-out for tweeting misinformation about the COVID19 vaccines. It’s actually a moment of pure kismet because on the same day, Twitter Support announced it was enabling some users to report tweets as misleading, and then more specifically about Politics or Health. Really, Marge is subject to being reported for everything she tweets, so her return just may be short-lived.

Until she’s either banned from Twitter or compelled to testify before the January 6th Select Committee (that’s still a thing, right? They’ll be back after the Congressional recess, yeah? Literally no one seems to know when they’re convening again), Marge is going to keep doing terrible things to get attention. Greene appeared on Steve Bannon’s Propagandapalooza Show to help the right push the “Blame Biden” for Afghanistan narrative.

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Greene told Bannon that it is “unfair to imprison people who took part in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol” since prisoners in Afghanistan were released when the Taliban took over the country.

In case you need to teach someone about projection language, just point to that quote. Sounds like someone’s super scared of being treated badly in prison once her alleged connection to the January 6th insurrection is fully investigated. The punishment for sedition isn’t a kind one, shall we say, and the fact that she keeps harping on this particular topic means she’s super scared of what’s going to happen to her.

“Here are my thoughts,” she continued. “Here we have people being held in prison that were at the Capitol on January 6th. They’re being treated like political prisoners of war but yet we have President Biden and Kamala Harris — don’t forget her, hold her accountable — and this entire administration that allowed terrorists that will chop your head off, throw gay people off of buildings, that they will cover women in burkas and shove them in homes and treat them like slaves never to be seen from again.”


Twitter essentially just rolled its collective eyes and gave Marjorie probably half their best efforts, which still were plenty to own her easily.

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