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QAnon-Loving Bishop Claims Joe Biden ‘Was Executed Two Years Ago’

QAnon-Loving Bishop Claims Joe Biden ‘Was Executed Two Years Ago’

There seem to be no limits to the sheer lunacy of what supporters of QAnon are willing to believe. Bishop Larry Gaiters of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio – a right-wing podcaster – claimed on Tuesday that the fringe movement was founded prior to the American Civil War and that President Ulysses S. Grant was bought and paid for by the Vatican and Rothschild family, a popular default scapegoat amongst antisemites.


“Q was born on the first of April in 1860, a year before the outbreak of the Civil War, by 25 northern generals whose sole intent was not to create a secret society, but whose objective was to design a Christian-constitutional movement to protect the first Constitution of the United States,” Gaiters said on Patrick McKay’s Patriot Streetfighter podcast. “Yessssss, because, we did have a second Constitution through the act of 1871, because of a deep state president – Ulysses S. Grant – who tried to destroy Q a year before the outbreak of the Civil War.”

There was no additional Constitution drafted in 1871, however, conspiracy theorists frequently insist that the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 delegitimized the federal government and therefore, Donald Trump was actually the 19th president instead of the 45th.

That false narrative serves as the basis for conservatives expecting Trump to have been re-inaugurated on March 4, 2021, despite his landslide loss in the 2020 election.

Gaiters also proclaimed that President Joe Biden, like Grant, was on the receiving end of clandestine Jewish money up until his death – which Gaiters incorrectly stated occurred back in 2019.

“So, Ulysses S. Grant in 1871 was paid off not just by the Vatican order by Pope Pious IX in 1871, but the Rothschild British arm of the Rothschild dynasty also paid off this deep state president, okay, who today that we call Joe ‘Blow’ Biden who was actually executed two years ago but I’ll come back to that,” Gaiters declared.

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