Top 10 Weirdest Apps of All Time (Part 1)

When killing time has apparently developed an art form, app developers have taken advantage of the creative opportunity to make some of the weirdest apps we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t take a smartphone guru to love these addictive apps, no matter how absurd they may seem! If you can use some crazy, bizarre new apps on your home screen, try out one of these oddball apps.

Number Ten: Game for Cats. If you are a diehard phone game lover, you may have one day had the thought, “Man, phone games are so great, I wish my cat could get in on this.” That’s… somewhat possible… right? Well, now your kitty companion can join in on the fun, too. “Game for Cats” is an app game designed for iPads and tablets to get your modern, privileged cat to get playing. Just place the device on the floor, and your cat can chase running mice by snatching them up with their paw.

Number Nine: Pimple Popper. If you have ever considered pursuing a career in professional pimple popping…well, you may be out of luck. However, you can hone the skills of your gross talent with this game! Pimple Popper is probably the most disgusting app we’ve ever seen, but is extremely addictive and apparently popular! The game challenges you to pop as many pimples as possible in a limited amount of time and beat your high score. Just, try to keep it digital.

Number Eight: Haircaster. Having a bad hair day? Well, this app can help. Taking the user’s hair texture and type into consideration, Haircaster predicts the state of one’s hair based on weather conditions. It offers weather details such as humidity and wind speed and uses this information to advise the user on what to do with their hair that day.

Number Seven: Run Pee. Finally, an app that understands pee. With the Run Pee app, you can ensure the best quality movie experience with a comfortable bladder. This app analyzes a movie that you are seeing in theaters and advises the best possible moments to take a pee break. Run Pee will tell you when slow parts of a movie are approaching and alert you with a vibration, give you a summary of what you missed while you were gone, and let you know if there’s anything worth sitting through the credits for.

Number Six: Honey It’s Me! Alright boys, if you lead a lonely life, maybe it’s time you found yourself a girlfriend. How about Mina, the Korean supermodel? With the app “Honey It’s Me!”, it is now possible for men too busy with their daily lives to easily find a girlfriend… that you can download! Mina will text you, send kisses, and whisper sweet things in video messages so you will be lonely no more.