Top 10 Things Men Don’t Know About Women (Part 2)

We clued you into what men don’t know about women in part one, and there is even more helpful information to learn in part two! Keep learning about the mysterious female nature below, including our secret passions, the crazy habits we have, and much more!

Number Five: We Can Make a Lot of Babies. There is a lot of potential built up in those magical little wombs of ours. As human mothers, there is no maximum limit on how many little miracles we can create. To date, the most children produced by one mother is sixty-nine. So if you want a big family, we can handle that for you (if we’re up to the challenge!).

Number Four: We Like to Talk. Hey, don’t hate! It’s just the way we are, and you love us. Women like to be detailed and polite with their words, and it’s estimated that we speak over 20,000 a day. That is more than 13,000 more words than the average man speaks daily. However, we are also known to be better communicators than men, so get used to hearing our voices.

Number Three: Babies Excite Us. This one is weird to us too, but it’s a nature thing. We don’t just think they are too darn cute, the smell of newborn babies produces a chemical effect on our bodies as women. The experience of this effect is said to be similar to the way that a drug addict craving his fix satisfies it. We also love the smell of your man-musk.

Number Two: We Choose Shoes Over You. It’s all about options. Women really do love shoes, because we love to look good for you. Don’t try to break us off of our shoe addiction, because we always choose shoes. It’s a girl thing. Just as a fair warning, we probably won’t wear most of our shoes either. The average United Kingdom woman owns about 19 pairs of shoes, but only wears 7 of those pairs regularly. We know it’s ridiculous, but we just can’t help ourselves.

Number One: We Will do Anything for Beauty. Trends, diets, fads, you name it. All of the crazy beauty ventures we pursue that seem stupid to you… well, they seem a bit far-fetched for us, too. However, we are women, and in an era where we are forced to be defined by our beauty, we will try anything that offers some beauty benefits. Sometimes, it actually works! Even in the days of ancient Rome, women would wear gladiator sweat because they believed it would enhance their skin and make them more beautiful. I think that was one of the times it didn’t work.