Top 10 New Inventions to Simplify Your Life (Part 1)

We could all benefit from a little simplicity in our lives, and these new inventions will do just the trick! Technology is advancing every day to produce amazing innovations, and we are here to give you the scoop. Read on to discover how our top ten new inventions will make your life easier!

Number Ten: The Parking Light. They have finally come up with a traffic light specially designed for parking! Parking garages utilizing this technology have made it easier for drivers to find parking spots in a crowded garage. A red light hanging above a parking space indicates that it is occupied while a green light lets drivers know that spot is all clear. No more being fooled by tiny, hidden cars and motorcycles in a busy lot!

Number Nine: A Drip-Catching Mug. Your coffee table has been saved! This chic little mug is not only modern and stylish but will catch the drips from your coffee all by itself. Thanks to its unique design, you never have to worry about coffee stains and rings on your tables again. Dripping coffee simply falls down into the drip ring, and stays there until it is time to do the dishes!

Number Eight: The onE Puck. The onE Puck is another handy, coffee-based invention for the modern day. If your electricity could use a few cents discount, try charging your phone with only the heat or cold from your beverage! What can’t we charge our phones with these days?

Number Seven: A Solar Phone Charger. Everybody hates a dead, useless phone, so here is another useful phone charger using a resource that is almost always available. The Solar Phone Charger can be attached to any window, and will charge your phone with just a bit of sun!

Number Six: Rechargeable USB Batteries. These days, batteries no longer last as long as we would like, and they are getting just so darn expensive. So why not save a few bucks and try out these rechargeable batteries? Just pop off the cap and plug into any USB port to get up to five hours’ worth of refillable battery life. The only downside is that they are currently only available in AA batteries.