Top 10 Most Popular Superheroes of All Time

Whether you’re a child or adult, some superheroes have the power to appeal to the masses. The 10 popular superheroes in this list definitely have that staying power. These 10 superheroes possess the power, the finesse and the skill to beat all others. Check out the full list below!

Number Ten: Green Lantern. The Green Lantern possesses many identities. Green Lantern’s first appearance was in 1940 as Alan Scott. With the help of his magic ring, Alan Scott fought off villains in the threatening New York City. Today, there is an entire troop of Green Lanterns.

Number Nine: The Flash. The original Flash first appeared in 1940. The Flash’s superhero is amazing speed, which helps him fight off enemies and even break certain laws of physics.

Number Eight: Thor. The god of thunder, Thor was created by Marvel and first appeared in 1962. Thor uses his hammer to help him fly and alter the weather.

Number Seven: The Hulk. The Hulk is a giant green humanoid who is insanely strong and invulnerable to many different kinds of attacks. The Incredible Hulk first appeared in comics in 1962 and was created by Marvel.

Number Six: Captain America. Otherwise known as Steve Rogers, Captain America is representative of the Platonic ideal with a side of avid patriotism. His character was created by Marvel in 1941.

Number Five: Wolverine. Halfway through our countdown is the iconic Wolverine. Though Wolverine didn’t appear in comics until 1974, he grew to fame as part of the X-Men. He has razor sharp claws and wolf-like senses.

Number Four: Superman. Created way back in 1938, Superman is much more than a superhero – he’s an icon. During the day, superman is known as Clark Kent, and he is able to use his cape to fly around and fight crime.

Number Three: Iron Man. Known as Tony Stark, the story of Iron Man is an interesting one. Tony Stark was an engineer who was captured and forced to build a giant weapon. However, instead of building a giant weapon, Stark built his suit for Iron Man. He and his suit have been inseparable ever since.

Number Two: Spider-Man. Second on our list of the top 10 popular superheroes of all time is – you guessed it – Spider-Man. Known during the day as timid Peter Parker, at night Spider-Man can crawl all over the city to defeat his enemies.

Number One: Batman. Rounding out our list in first place is Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne. Batman was created in 1939. His character is a billionaire who owns Wayne Enterprises who seeks vengeance against his parents’ murderer. Batman has been popular with people everywhere since his creation.