10 Haunting Photos of Celebrities Just Before They Died

Celebrities are used to being photographed, but it’s never clear when a photo will be a celebrity’s last. These 10 haunting photos of celebrities just before they died are both scary and eye-opening. You never know when a photo could be your last.

Number Ten: Tupac Shakur.

This photo of Tupac shows him with his manager, Suge Knight. The photo was taken on September 13, 1996, just before he was shot to death.

Number Nine: Amelia Earhart.

This chilling photo of Amelia Earhart was taken before she left for her final flight in 1937. The photo shows her packing and looking happy.

Number Eight: Amy Winehouse.

Talented singer Amy Winehouse is seen here casually strolling the streets in North London. She died just one week later in July of 2011.

Number Seven: Heath Ledger.

Actor Heath Ledger can be seen here on the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. The photo was taken right before he overdosed on pain medication.

Number Six: John Lennon.

Perhaps the creepiest photo on this list, John Lennon is seen here with the man who killed him, Mark David Chapman. Chapman asked Lennon for an autograph before shooting him.

Number Five: Jimi Hendrix.

Looking casual as ever, Jimi Hendrix is seen holding his guitar and drinking what looks like tea. The photo was taken just one day before he died.

Number Four: Kurt Cobain.

Taken by Jesse Frohman, this picture was taken before Cobain committed suicide in 1994. He is seen wearing white sunglasses and smoking a cigarette, and he wears red nail polish.

Number Three: Marilyn Monroe.

This photo of Marilyn Monroe was taken one weekend before her untimely death in 1962. The photo was taken while she was visiting Frank Sinatra and Buddy Greco.

Number Two: Steve Jobs.

This chilling and very sad photo of Steve Jobs shows him looking extra emaciated. He suffered long and hard from pancreatic cancer before his death in 2011.

Number One: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Finally, this last photo of Philip Seymour Hoffman depicts him at a wrap party. It was at this wrap party that he accepted a glass of champagne that would lead to his eventual overdose and death.