Top 10 Insanely Easy Pranks (Part 2)

If our part one of the top 10 best simple pranks left you craving more sinister deeds, that is just what we have in store for you! We’ve got all the tricks to make your friends jump, shudder, and even gag!

Number Five: Confusing Candy. Nothing is worse than getting excited about your favorite candy treat, then being let down when you realize it is only a bowl of lies. To have fun with your party guests or friends, grab a big bowl and pour in a bag of M&M’s, a bag of Skittles, and a bag of Reese’s Pieces. Enjoy the expression on everyone’s faces with they struggle with their candy confusion.

Number Four: Rainbow Shower. We reserve this prank for only the most devious of all pranksters. Mainly because, well, you may be dealing with the wrath of your victims for a while because Kool-Aid is a little bit permanent. If you are really feeling cruel, remove the cap from your showerhead and sprinkle in your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid mix. Cherry or grape are the most noticeable; just keep in mind that it might dye the hair (or even skin) of your victim!

Number Three: Lather it On. Next time you take an outing to the beach, try bringing along your own special kind of sunscreen. Empty out the sunscreen from a bottle, and replace it with mayonnaise. The look on their face will be priceless though we warn you that it might turn into a sandy mayo fight! Don’t be too upset if it does, it is actually pretty good for your skin!

Number Two: Cheese Juice. If you know an orange juicer lover, you will love this little prank. Take a container that normally holds their morning OJ and empty it out (you can save it in a different container). Fill it up with water, and mix in some Kraft powdered cheese mix. You can sacrifice a box of mac and cheese for this, or by the powder by itself in the market. Watch your family gag as they take a refreshing gulp of cheese juice!

Number One: The Fridge is Alive. No one likes to be watched, and no one likes being led to believe their refrigerator has magical powers that bring their food to life. Take all of the items in your fridge, and give each one a set of googly eyes facing the opening of the fridge. When someone else opens it, it will look like everything came alive! Even if this prank doesn’t scare anyone, your family will think it’s the cutest prank you’ve done all week!