10 Stylish Dogs Who Want to Take You Shopping

Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to try with your appearance. These stylish dogs are above that. Here are 10 dogs who want to sass you and then take you shopping. Don’t worry, they’ll buy you fro-yo afterward.

Number Ten. “Look, just because I’m an animal doesn’t mean I’m against a good fur coat. Don’t worry, it’s cotton.”

Number Nine. “Girl, there is no such thing as too many ruffles!”

Number Eight. “How am I supposed to respect you when you’re not even wearing any feathers?!”

Number Seven. “Don’t let the rain stop you; you don’t need an umbrella to be elegant.”

Number Six. “A good pair of glasses would really make your eyes pop, you know.”

Number Five. “Did you just say it’s too early for scarf season?!”

Number Four. “No outfit is complete without at least 12 pieces of flair.”

Number Three. “It’s OK to be simple; you can still be stylish, bro.”

Number Two. “Or you could be luxurious…I hear there’s a sale at Saks!”

Number One. “At the end of the day, just know that you’re worth every penny.”