10 Cute Animals Playing in Autumn Leaves

Playing in piles of leaves is a fun fall activity many of us grew up doing and remember fondly. What better way to reminisce than to look at cute animals doing the exact same thing? These 10 animals playing in leaves are having a great time, and they don’t care who knows it (for the most part, anyway). So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and jump in!

Number Ten: This Squirrel Who Knows You’re Watching.

He was having a great time…until you showed up. He’ll let you join him if you’re nice, we promise!

Number Nine: This Dog Who Needs a Snack.

When you gotta eat, you gotta eat. That’s a saying somewhere, right?

Number Eight: This Scaredy Cat.

Cats are notorious for being terrified of random things, and leaves are probably no exception for this cute little ball of fur. Give that poor cat a box to go hide in.

Number Seven: This Ferret Who Is Perfectly Fine, Thanks.

You may not think ferrets are fans of the outdoors, but this little guy looks right at home in that comfy pile of leaves. He just needs a person to snuggle up to, and he’ll be all set.

Number Six: This Puppy Who Needs a Hug.

This pup looks like he missed the party. He wants a pile of leaves to play in, but all he has are these dead ones. Sad face.

Number Five: This Pug, Who Has Had Enough Already.

Despite being pampered in a throne of gorgeous autumn leaves, this pug is not satisfied. You know what would make it all better? A treat.

Number Four: This Hedgehog Who Blends in a Little Too Well.

Sonic, is that you? Nah, but this hedgehog knows how to have a good time, even if he does look a bit like a leaf himself.

Number Three: This Puppy Who Doesn’t Blend in Well Enough.

We should all take a tip from this little puppy, who is clearly a master of chill. No Netflix necessary.

Number Two: This Little Guy Who Is Ready to Pounce.

There’s fire in his eyes, watch out! We bet he’ll be tired in no time.

Number One: Finally, This Lion Who Just Doesn’t Care What You Think.

A lion cub who likes leaves?! Believe it. This adorable female cub loves nothing more than jumping in leaves to pass the time.